Monster Dungeoon – My Delve into Competitive Pokemon Battling

Welcome to Monster Dungeon, my slowly revamped Pokemon blog and (soon to be) Pokemon Forum. In an Internet full of Pokemon blogs and Pokemon forums, you might wonder what the point of setting up another is?


Well there are a few reasons.


  1. I love the Pokemon game, I may well be seriously addicted (though not competitively, more on that in a moment)
  2. I always enjoy having my own space on the net (I have run blogs and forums on a number of subjects)
  3. I wanted to create somewhere to share my efforts in becoming a Pokemon master! Sound cheesy? Well, yes, but one things I didn’t fine on the web is somewhere that can help teach you how to go from being someone who understands some Pokemon basics (super effective, etc) to someone who can battle competitively.


So that is pretty much going to be the focus of this blog and, to a lesser extent, the forums. My efforts in going from a competitive Pokemon beginner through to a Pokemon expert. Or at least as close to one as I can get (at least close enough to see what a Pokemon expert looks like through a really powerful telescope).


There are a number of useful sources on the web that will be helping my journey. Smogon University has all the rankings and move sets you need to get started, even if gen 6 is still “Uncharted Territory”, Serebii has all the data I need with regards moves learned, breeding, etc and Nugget Bridge is, well, a Pokemon (battling information) nugget gold mine.


I tried setting this blog up before, on much the same premise, and failed. In fact I managed to play maybe a dozen or so games using an emulator before real life issues got the better of me. This time there are some rather dramatic time restraints limiting me as well…


  • I have a full time job (I’m 32)
  • I have a wife
  • Much of my “hobby” time is spent playing rugby (my other obsession)
  • I now have an 8 week old son (where the majority of my time is spent)


All things considered that’s a lot of time spent on other things, never mind playing Pokemon and then writing about it.


The plan is, then, to get a couple of posts up a week charting my efforts to learn the competitive Pokemon scene, a bit at a time. This can be seen to be an advantage – OK I’m never going to be learning as quickly as a student, or what have you, but you can watch what I do step by step and, hopefully, take confidence in the fact that an average Pokemon game player, with very little competitive experience, can (hopefully) learn the ropes.


I’ve read forums where people seem intimidated by the competitive battling scene. Indeed I was before I jumped in. Ivs, Evs, etc are just the beginning, complete EV spreading for specific moves and %s makes my GCSE maths done a lifetime ago (16 years! Now I feel old) strain under the stress.


This blog will do what it can to simplify, to cover both the superficial and the complex in a way that can encourage you. For if I am able to make sense of it, I can promise you that you will. And if I can’t…then I’ll have failed in my quest!


So sit back, enjoy my successes and failures, and please do leave comments – I’m going to need encouragement along the way!

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