This Week I Learned – Pokemon #1

The start of a series of things I learned in Pokemon this week.  It’s been a bit of a delay (of a few months) on my dive into competitive Pokemon, so this is also the “proper” start of the blog.

The delay has been for a few reasons (not least getting the hang of being a new Dad), but I’ve started diving into Battle Spot in recent weeks, and am planning on going on Showdown – just as soon as I decide what meta to be involved in!

I’ll be discussing options in a blog post later this week – but in the mean time let’s get started on the first “This Week I learned” (completely ripping off Reddit’s “Today I Learned” board).  This will be done every Sunday, reviewing things I learned in Pokemon this week.

A warning first – I’m new to competitive Pokemon, so a lot of things I learn will be obvious to “Pokemon Masters”.  If you’re a Pokemon expert this is probably not the post for you.

This Week I leaned – Pokemon #1

  • Mega Kangaskhan is a Monster, seriously.  It destroys everything.  I need to start carrying Will-o-wisp
  • It also runs sucker punch, which ruins any priority effort.
  • I’ve been running a Boomburst Exploud (named Elijah after my son – who is also very loud).  This thing is a beast.  STAB Boomburst ruins almost everything, though it needs to be fast enough as it’s not that bulky.  Which leads us to…
  • Getting a baton pass set to work on my Speed Boost Scolipede is bloody hard.  It seems easy in theory but I struggle to pull it off.
  • Just learned that using Luminose for egg hatching is more efficient than doing it on the long road at the Pokemon Day Care, since you don’t have to turn around.
  • Talonflame are EVERYWHERE.  Which also means that Rotom Wash is as well, since it’s the best TalonFlame Counter in the game (something I’m told, not tried running a Rotom Wash yet).
  • 3vs3 is VERY different to 6vs6.  The Smogon sets are not necessarily the best option.  If 3vs3 becomes my chosen format then I’ll need to come up with my own sets.