So 3 Months Later and We Try Again

Funny thing this having a baby thing…you think you’re on top of everything and then they change the rules on you.  So yet again I find that what spare time I THOUGHT I had, I didn’t.

But we’re trying this Pokemon thing again anyway.  I’ve signed on to this Legend League thingy, which was a bit of a mistake as I didn’t realise they locked the box.  I threw in any ol’ Pokemon without any thought and now I’m stuck with it.  My team is

  • Kangaskhan (mega stone) – Adamant, Scrappy, Return/Sucker Punch/Fake Out/Power up Punch
  • Blaziken (mega stone), Adamant, Speed Boost, High Jump Kick/Flare Blitz/Protect/Power Up Punch
  • Talonflame (Life orb), Adamant, Gale Wings, Brave Bird/Roost/ Swords Dance/Flame Charge
  • Exploud (Choice Specs), Scrappy, Modest, Flamethrower/Boomburst/Focus Blast/Crunch
  • Shaymin, Timid, Natural Cure, Seed Flare/Substitute/Leech Seed/Air Slash
  • Garchomp, Jolly, Rough Skin, Stone Edge/Dragon Claw/Earthquake/Fire Blast

Currently at 7:11 with that team.  Rather lacking in balance, and struggles against Darkai’s Dark Void (that thing needs to be banned for the next VGC).  Also struggling vs Kyogre who is coming up a fair bit in rain teams.

I’m doing another “today I learnt” post in a minute, so we can skip to that to see what I learnt.

Other than that I’ve decided not to worry about the VGC rules.  From what I understand we’re expecting new ones in a few months or so, so by the time I have gotten past “rubbish” I’d need to be learning a new meta anyway.  So instead I’m just going to stick with doubles using the console for now (maybe some Showdown play but console is far more convenient for me), learn a bit about things in the ranking games and wait out the new meta.

Think that about covers it for now.  Next up….things I learned today.

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