Yesterday in Pokemon Battling I learned #2

So the idea is this is a semi regular look at some of the notes, real and mental, that I make to myself as I slowly (and I do mean slowly) comes to terms with what Pokemon Double battles are all about.

Notes from the last 2 days include

  • Darkrai with Dark Void is taking the piss somewhat.  It needs to be nerfed/banned as far as I can see.  But maybe I’m too happy with the ol’ ban hammer.
  • If Typhlosion comes out, whack it right away,  eruption is a beast (150 at full HP) but becomes manageable at lower HP levels.  It is probably scarfed (seen 2 so far, both outran a max speed, jolly Garchomp so must be scarfed I think) so try hit it with priority.  Has a base speed of 100, plus a scarf increases the base speed to 1.5, so 150.
  • Speed matters.  I repeat that again.  SPEED MATTERS.
  • Kyogre Water Spout – see the Typhlosion comment.  Whack it, whack it hard.
  • For the sake of some notes on speed.  Darkrai has a ridiculous base speed of 125 , Typhlosion is base 100, Kyogre 90.  For the sake of comparison, Garchomp has a base speed of 102.
  • Smeargle will often have both Dark Void AND Kings Shield.  And one spamming sod went and put both that Smeargle set AND Darkrai in the same team.
  • Quick Guard = very annoying as a Darkrai partner.  Talonflame and Hitmontop spotted as that role so far.
  • Need to try a prankster taunter, though too late for this competition as can’t change Pokemon.

That about covers my notes from the last two days.

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