Yesterday in Pokemon Battling I Learned

Again these are nothing but my battling notes taken from Battle Spot battles.  They are used personally and reflect the fact that I am just learning what on Earth I am doing.  Maybe they’ll help other people, maybe not.

  • Everything is about speed, we touched on this last time.  This time however I decided to keep track of various Pokemon I came across.  To that end.
  • Tyranitar – Speed 61 (Mega = 71).  Can be physical or special.
  • Garchomp.  Speed 102. Often banded though can carry scarf, rocky helmet or a few other things
  • Exploud.  Speed 68.  Almost always specs to abuse that huge STAB for Boomburst.  Usually ability = scrappy.
  • Smeargle.  Speed 75. Often has Dark Void, Kings Shield and carries a Sash.  Usually has fake out or quick guard support.
  • Gallade.  Didn’t see this one but thinking of trying one out.  Speed 80.
  • Kangaskhan.  Speed 90. Mega has speed 100.

And that’s the notes from yesterday. About to start playing a few more so let’s see what this evening brings.

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