My Pokemon Notes #1

So calling it “yesterday I learned” somehow suggests daily posting, and that anything I learned was only posted yesterday.  Neither are true.  So we’re changing the series name to “My Pokemon Notes”.  The idea is still the same, to type up things I learned in Pokemon recently.

I’ve somehow managed to get my rated doubles battles into the winning percentage (trust me, I was nowhere near that 2 days ago).  I’m now at 15 vs 14, go me!  Can’t remember my rating off hand.

So what can we put that down to (I went about 8 vs 2 today, though remember that is at lower ratings than any good players are at).

A few things

  • Slowly learning the speed tiers of Pokemon (see previous note).  Bit more difficult in rated doubles as there are far more Pokemon than in VGC at the moment (which is Kalos Dex only).
  • Learning about “win conditions”.  I’ve been watching a lot of Pokemon on Youtube, especially Alex Ogloza.  The main thing I’ve taken so far is to “know your win condition”.  Take a look at their Pokemon, which ones you think they will bring, and make sure you identify who your important counter(s) are and keep them safe/in the game until the dangerous opposing Pokes are taken out.

    This is complicated, and I am a long way from learning it, but I’m starting to get the right thoughts.

  • Playing a bit more strategic.  I should imagine everyone who first starts playing goes on “hyper offence” and starts trying to whack everything it can.  Switches are actually more key in VGC than singles players will have you believe (I read many times that VGC doesn’t do switching, always written by singles players), and so getting those switches right, having both predicting and having bulky enough Pokemon to be able to switch is key.
  • My team has more synergy.  Not perfect, no real thought put into team building, just going by feel, and the last Pokemon I still need to sort – I switched Garchomp (issues with Earthquake as only levitate user was Rotom H) for Latias but not convinced.

    Currently running (EVs escape me)
    * Gardevoir @ Choice specs. Modest, Trace – Dazzling Gleam/Psychic (also has Protect and Calm Mind but useless with Specs, need to change this)
    * Rotom-H @ Sitrus Berry. Modest, Levitate – Overheat/Thunderbolt/Will-o-Wisp/Protect (thinking of changing for a Rotom-W, but don’t have any other fire users)
    * Metagross @Life Orb. Adamant, Clear Body – Protect/Zen Headbutt/Bullet Punch/Hammer Arm (fairly new)
    *Kanghaskhan @ Khangaskhanite. Adamant. Scrappy – Fakeout/Return/Power-up-Punch/Sucker Punch
    *Milotic @ Leftovers. Modest, Competitive. Ice Beam/Scald/Protect/Recover
    *Latias @ Assualt Vest. Timid, Levitate. Ice Beam/Dragon Pulse/Pyschic/Recover (Recover wasted on Assault Vest)

  • Milotic came on as I had no ice beamer and wanted one.  Done well, though only just survived a Gengar Energy Ball (had no idea he COULD carry that).  She and Latias have only been on a few games.  Milotic has done better than Latias but keeping both going for now, trying to decide which to change, possibly for a fire as I’d like to change Rotom W for Rotom H.  Thinking of a bulky taunt/wide guard Talonflame variant.

So that’s my notes so far.  Oh and apparently getting sturdy on Shedinja is now a thing with a lot of build up.  Didn’t see it coming as would have shut it down, but know for next time.

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