Yesterday in Pokemon Battling I learned #2

So the idea is this is a semi regular look at some of the notes, real and mental, that I make to myself as I slowly (and I do mean slowly) comes to terms with what Pokemon Double battles are all about.

Notes from the last 2 days include

  • Darkrai with Dark Void is taking the piss somewhat.  It needs to be nerfed/banned as far as I can see.  But maybe I’m too happy with the ol’ ban hammer.
  • If Typhlosion comes out, whack it right away,  eruption is a beast (150 at full HP) but becomes manageable at lower HP levels.  It is probably scarfed (seen 2 so far, both outran a max speed, jolly Garchomp so must be scarfed I think) so try hit it with priority.  Has a base speed of 100, plus a scarf increases the base speed to 1.5, so 150.
  • Speed matters.  I repeat that again.  SPEED MATTERS.
  • Kyogre Water Spout – see the Typhlosion comment.  Whack it, whack it hard.
  • For the sake of some notes on speed.  Darkrai has a ridiculous base speed of 125 , Typhlosion is base 100, Kyogre 90.  For the sake of comparison, Garchomp has a base speed of 102.
  • Smeargle will often have both Dark Void AND Kings Shield.  And one spamming sod went and put both that Smeargle set AND Darkrai in the same team.
  • Quick Guard = very annoying as a Darkrai partner.  Talonflame and Hitmontop spotted as that role so far.
  • Need to try a prankster taunter, though too late for this competition as can’t change Pokemon.

That about covers my notes from the last two days.

Yesterday I Learned #1

OK, things were somewhat delayed – this having a baby thing, not as easy as Mega Kangaskhan makes it seems.

Anyway, trying again.  This time taking the advice of the excellent Nugget Bridge (great forum, great blog, well worth checking out) and aiming at VGC 2014 Rule set (Pokemon must be Kalos native, part of the Kalos Pokebex, and no to Xerneas, Yvettle and whoever that Z thing is).  I’m adding in the additional rule set of no legendary flying birds.  Mostly as I am far too lazy to keep resetting for a good one.

To begin with I will be using the Pokemon Showdown system so save me having to breed and train up these Pokemon, and because it will enforce the ruleset for VGC 2014, something which the open doubles system on the games cart doesn’t.

Anyway this is dragging on far too long, after playing yesterday (I plan on including a post on what team I ended up with at the end of the weekend) a few things I learned from using Pokemon Showdown.

  • Manetric always seems to carry Hidden Power Ice.
  • Reuniclus has issues staying alive long enough to get Trick Room up.  Going to try him with a sash.
  • Burning Mega Kangaskhan is not a way of shutting her down.  It only takes one power up punch to bring her above normal again…so you at best waste a turn of hers on a weaker attack.
  • Speed really does matter for most Pokemon.
  • I hate speed ties

OK, that should get us going for now.  I plan on building out a page on each Pokemon with things I learned.  Never going to be as extensive as the Smogon lists, but it should help me understand basic things like move sets, threats, speed tiers, damage, etc